Prayer Needs

February 2011

At present we have 23 kids and need to move in the next couple of months. Please pray that God would provide all our financial needs as a testimony to His grace and provision for His children and that many would say, Our God is a god who lives among us.

Please pray about a place we can call home.

2 months deposit monies
$350.00 increase in monthly income to pay a social worker (required by law)
A couple to come and live and work beside us long term
A spirit of humbleness
Favor among man and God
Spiritual Gifting
Reliable Staff help
That all our children might be saved
A used/working laptop for one of our Pastors
An abundance in regular supporters

Thank you for all your prayers. We are but His feet. You are the body.

May God bless you abundantly

October, 2010

We are currently renting a three bedroom house in Talisay.  There are 26 children and 5 adults. Please pray with us as we attempt to make a move toward permanent housing.  We are currently praying about a specific piece of property. There are two large buildings and a small house on the compound. The kitchen and bathrooms in the two larger buildings need to be gutted. The house probably will need to be razed.

Please join us in prayer and believe with us for God’s provisions for the children. It is difficult to continue renting with so many children and, our needs are constantly growing.

This property would open up many opportunities to us. We would be able to have a small private school, house the Bible students, the children would have more than ample living space and room to play safely within the walls of the compound. Please also pray we will be sensitive to God’s leading and that we will always be lead by the Spirit and not what we see and feel.

Please also pray God would richly bless us with wisdom beyond anything we could ever imagine and lastly that he would continue to go before us as we face the many challenges that regularly arise.

February 10, 2010

We pray you are blessed by this season of rest with all of the snow God has blessed you with. We are full of praise for all that God has done.

Would you join us in prayer.

1. We have secured temporary housing for the kids. It personally costs us $326 a month for six months and then our rent will increase another $32.50 a month. In addition we will be responsible for all the utilities and food for the children and ourselves. Please pray God will provide for our every need.
2. We are still looking at property in the hopes of having a rehabilitative facility for street kids, the orphanage, church and of course, the orphanage within a half hour south of the city. Pray that we will continue to have favor in the sight of the owner and that negotiations will go forward. Our goal is to raise sufficient monthly donations and carry a mortgage for five years.
3. Please also pray God will provide the monies to raise a building on the property. We anticipate a cost of $20,000 U.S.;
4. That we can move forward on our 501(c)3 application and filing of our SEC here in the Philippines;
5. Pray that God would continue building our liaisons and networks in the Philippines and abroad and that God would grow us in the favor of the authorities and all those involved;
6. That God would continue to raise up workers and volunteers to come alongside us in futhering our program goals;
7. That God would grant us much wisdom coupled with grace;
8. That we would always be mindful of the fact that it is all about Him and not anything we do or say.
9. That we will be able to obtain our visas without difficulty.
10. That the children will continue to bond well with us and that each one would be saved, that their walks would be set on firm foundations and that would declare the wonders of our good and gracious God for generations to come.

Thank you. We cannot thank God enough for you and your faithulness.

In Christ alone,

Matthew and Lee Dwinells

October 9, 2009

Our Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We thank God for you, our brothers and sisters in the Lord. God is so good and kind to have brought such faithful and loving brethren alongside us and Street Kids Philippine Missions.

The temporary move from Mexico to Nutley, NJ has been both a blessing and a challenge as we prepare to go to the Philippines. We are thankful to God for the new friends on the way. Please know we treasure your prayers and support.

Although we have not been directly affected by the recent typhoons, the cost of living has increased sharply and the need for long-term solutions is just as relevant. Now for the good news: We have taken in three girls for a total of eight children, we are in the process of identifying temporary, secure living quarters sufficient for all the kids and, Pastor Cornelio Ebo has been invited to attend the Pastor’s Conference in Gaithersburg this next September. We give praise to our glorious Lord and King.

If you are willing, we have some very present prayer needs for your consideration:

• Prayer partners
• Full or Partial Sponsors for $25.00 a month.
• Funding for the plot of land we seek to purchase and that the negotiations would go smoothly and expeditiously.
• Volunteers willing to lend off-site assistance with running fundraising projects, web marketing or sponsor programs.
• Off-site volunteers experienced in the formation of a non-profit corporation.
• A camera, photocopier/scanner and a 15 passenger van to bus kids back and forth to school.
• That God would raise someone to pastor the 13 churches in the Visayan Islands and Mindanao while Pastor Cornelio attends the Pastor’s Conference in Gaithersburg next September.

Please prayerfully consider passing this letter on to interested in our cause. God bless you, each one.

His Kingdom Come,

Matthew and Lee Dwinells

P.S. Please visit our new blog: for info and regular updates. Don’t forget to sign up for the feeds to receive automatic updates..

June 9, 2009

Please pray for the needs of the six children currently at Street Kids Philippine Missions and that God would send us those who would receive Him as Lord and King.
Please pray God would provide the necessary funds as we search for a piece of land and a permanent home we can call “Street Kids PM” where we can plant a garden and fruit trees and the children would have a place to play. Currently the children are living on the fifth floor of a commercial building along with several other businesses.

Please also pray that the children will come to know how deep and how wide is the love of God toward them and that they wiould come to know Him as Father, Savior and Holy Lord.
Please pray that God will continue to provide the monies to pay for someone to cook for the kids and wash their clothes at 3,800 pesos a month.  We need help providing food, (donations of dry food items high in protien would bless the children immensely. Malnutrition among chilren in the Philippines is very common. Also, there is a great need for clothing, school supplies, especially ball point pens and pencils, uniforms, clothing, shoe and sneakers, toiletries, etc. for each of the kids.  The current cost to provide housing and schooling for each child is 7,500 pesos ($165 U.S.).

Please pray for the students and funding for the current Bible students that attend the Center.
Please also pray God would provide all Matthew and Lee’s needs specifically for traveling expenses, visas, a used car, kitchen appliances, furniture and, everything we need to set up a household as we endeavor to relocate from Mexico to Cebu. We also pray the current flu pandemic will not hinder our going.

Sponsors willing to partner with us are more than welcome. Currently donations can be made online at or by snail mail to Mexico Mulitple Missions, P.O. Box 3660, Fabens, TX 79838. Please designate the monies to Street Kids Philippine Missions c/o Matthew and Dalisay Dwinells.

Please know that we appreciate your prayers.  And if there is anything we can be praying for you, please let us know. You are precious in our sight.

We’d like to enlist your prayers for a highly important need for Mexico Multiple Missions, Rancho 3M. Please pray for a Christian husband for Melissa Schlax, (Lee’s replacement), for a man who knows how to lead spiritually and is committed to this purpose, is sold out to God, wants to serve in long term missions in Mexico and looks good in a cowboy hat.

  1. Ptr. Lilian Cilacan says:

    Hello Dalisay and Matthew,
    I was so blessed on that day I saw you both in our pastor’s fellowship in Mariveles, Dauis, Bohol. The ministry has given you is one of a different one, I have a member in church that desires more to be used of God in evangelism both to youth and kids, hope he can met you two? Where is your location now in the Philippines? And can I also invite you in our church here in Tagbilaran City and also in our church we have in other nation? Thanks.

    • Street Kids Philippine Missions says:

      Please have your friend email us at to express how he might serve.

      Unfortunately, we will not be able to visit you in the near future. We are experiencing financial challenges and we are in the midst of finding a new place.

      We would be very blessed if your church would pray for our needs and our move. God bless.

    • Street Kids Philippine Missions says:

      We are currently in Mohon, Talisay City, Cebu. But he can contact us through His Dwelling Church anytime. Or if he is to come, he can call us at 091-560-92-955

  2. mike smith says:

    Hi Matthew and Lee
    We’ve gotten settled in Nebraska. I didn’t hear from you after sending an email so I’m leaving this reply. Please send an email to the one listed or to
    Thanks and God Bless you both.
    Mike, An and Shiloh

  3. leedwinells says:

    Thank you for asking Kim. That is a very good question. We are in the process of submitting for non-profit status. Once approved, we will set it up so that people can donate using Pay Pal allowing both privacy and secure transactions.

  4. kim says:

    Hi. Kim here. Where is the pay pal account to donate?

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