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Soles for Shoes is going on right now.  Here is a link for students to get involved.

Here also is a link that is under development:

Help us in its development.  Please feel free to make suggestions, leave comments, and oh yes, please invite your friends to participate.  This is a great opportunity for students to become involved in the shaping of tomorrow, a place where their voice can make a difference.

David Reynolds and Street Kids PM

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Due to the prayers of a faithful teacher, one more street child sleeps in peace tonight.

I personally grew up in one of the most violent cities of the United States so I know, the brutatlity that permeates the street bleeds its way into the home. It is almost inevitable. For a child, when violence is experienced in the home it is that much more overwhelming. So, how much more pugnacious are the memories of a child whose father has died at the hand of carnage, whose home is the savage street and seemingly, stray dogs her only friends.

But Angelica had a teacher who prayed for her, waited and watched. And, just like our good God, He answered those prayers. Angelica is one of 26 children we care for, pray over, educate, house and feed. Many of the children have similar stories—there is brokenness and deep seated anger, the burdens of their hearts at times are too heavy for any child to carry. But because our God is merciful and good, these children are living in a stable environment and the brokenness that threatens to destroy them has no hold on them. They have a hope and a future.