Organizational Business Plan

Organizational Plan
Street Kids Philippine Mission

Matthew and Dalisay “Lee” Dwinells

I. Mission Statement

The ministry that now has been named Street Kids Philippine Mission, “Street Kids PM”, has been operating for more than three years as an extension of His Dwelling Christian Church in Cebu, Philippines and Pastor Cornelio Ebo.

In an attempt to answer God’s call on Matthew’s life to serve in the Philippines, Matthew and Lee were led to come alongside His Dwelling Church and Pastor Ebo as they minister to a specific group of outcasts whom like all sinners, were destined to die hopelessly in sin: street kids.

Summary: Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, with Cebu City as the main center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the central and southern islands of the Visayas. It has five star hotels, casinos, white sand beaches, world class golf courses, convention centers and shopping malls. Sadly, it also has thousands of children living on the street. According to one survey: 1 out of every 10 Filipinos goes without food everyday.
The Philippine people are a very religious people. Roman Cathlocism is the predominant religion. But most people regard the Santo Niño de Cebu, the Holy Child Jesus as their patron saint. The statue is housed in the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, and San Nicholas de Tolentino. According to Philippine historical documents, the Santo Niño was given by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan to the wife of the native chieftain of Cebu. In addition to Christian churches, there are several non-Catholic churches, mosque and temples.1
II. There are an estimated 40,860 street kids in the Visayan Islands. Approximately 70% of them are boys, 25-30% of which are entirely abandoned to the street. (Children who make their homes on the streets.) Exposure to drugs, sexually transmitted disease and brutality are among the threats these children face day to day, notwithstanding malnutrition, starvation, prostitution and other diseases. Children as young as 10 years old are imprisoned, sharing cells with adult prisoners including young girls with male adults. Street children are considered the scum of the earth and likened to roaches.

III. Goals
1. Draw in children off the street, through evangelical outreaches, gospel presentations, handing out tracts, acts of kindness and even comb the streets to bring them in.
2. Provide a roof over their heads, warm meals, a solid education and, a family atmosphere but most of all teach them of the love of Christ and a sound Biblical foundation.
3. Their personal desire is to raise up a generation after God’s own heart who in turn will raise up the next generation and the next, with hearts sold out to God.
4. Their immediate tangible goals include raising sufficient funds to obtain a piece of property, build a house and a garden and, provide a stable environment away from the stresses of street life.
5. Disciple the children and cultivate hearts for God rooted in Biblical truth.
6. Identify solid Christians from the local church body (His Dwelling Christian Church) willing to join with us in serving the children at Street Kids PM.
7. Run regular fund raising campaigns.
8. Increase public awareness through educating the community regarding the needs and challenges these children face and the facilities’ contribution to the local community.
9. Create a viable and thriving facility capable of maintaining itself through donations and possible work projects.
10. Submission to a local governing Board.
11. Apply for Fiscal Sponsorship and/or Non-profit status
12. Setup online contributions through their existing website:

IV. His Dwelling Christian Church has operated the orphanage for more than three years out of the Bible Center in Cebu City. They started out with 20 kids most of which have returned to the streets. There currently are six children all of whom have been housed in the Biblical Center on the 5th floor of a commercial building for the past three years and are praying for permanent housing for the kids. The children are currently established in school and the local church body and doing well.

V. Mission Statement: The mission of the Street Kids Philippine located in Cebu is primarily to rescue children living on the streets of the Visayan Islands to provide food, shelter, education and long-term solutions, while mentoring them and acquainting them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, assisting them to adapt to a family construct and live as viable citizens contributing to the good of the diverse communities in the Philippines.

VI. Values and Operating Principles
1. Street Kids PM will benefit the local Cebu population by placing displaced children in a home-like environment creating viable, healthy citizens capable of contributing to the good of the local society
2. Biblical truth and love will be their organization’s by words
3. Provide food, shelter and education as God and our budget provides
4. Draw from the local church body at His Dwelling Christian Church and seek to work with existing organizations whenever possible reducing costs and increasing effectiveness.
5. By God’s grace Matthew and Lee will apply their experience of over three years of living and working at the Rancho 3M orphanage, (Mexico Multiple Missions) located in Guadalupe, Mexico and the wisdom gained there to help grow and sustain Street Kids PM. They will also use as their model, the rules and regulation for the staff and children at the 3M Ranch in the Philippines as it is strongly rooted in Biblical foundations.

VII. Vision of the Organization
1. Street Kids PM is distinct in that it is based on a relational model provided through a strong family setting, modeled by Christ and His love for the church
2. The Philippine culture is a very religious society and hungry for truth. They will endeavor to lead them to an understanding of God’s great love and obedience of faith.

VIII. His Dwelling Christian Church’s Programs
1. Outreach projects
2. Prison ministries
3. Orphanage which is now call Street Kids PM
4. Bible School
5. They endeavor to conduct informal street schooling as they are able and gospel evangelistic presentations/outreaches

IX. Organization Administration
1. Sovereign Grace/Trinity Fellowship Church
2. Tony Walsh and Lynn Baird
3. His Dwelling Christian Church Elders and Pastoral Team

A. As the orphanage grows, staff will be added accordingly as God provides. Their goals for personnel will be to unite their staff in word and spirit. To educate them in the Biblical principles of raising godly children and in the pursuit of godly families.
B. Several people have been identified who desire to come alongside us in the future, both short and long term
4. Public relations and marketing
A. Increase public engagement through the underlying programs set forth below
B. Elements of the message to be communicated are: We live in a fallen world where all fall short of the glory of God and none seek after Him. We are all destined to Hell but by the grace of God who sent his only son to suffer and die in our place. This same Jesus Christ rose from the dead. And through him we have access to a holy, sovereign and righteous God, our father in heaven.
C. The ministry will be primarily and foremost be to street kids. But also they will present outreaches and gospel presentations to local schools of every kind and as God further provides
5. Resource development
A. Fundraising yearly and/or bi-yearly, regular news letters and internet presence to include personal visits
B. Donations from Gospel Presentations and Publicity Projects
C. Solicit Donations from Corporations and organizations who support the cause of Street Kids PM cause
D. Apply for Foundational grants
E. Visa regulations prohibit gainful employment for supplemental revenue but strategic planning may provide for future endeavors wherein provided by law
Financial management
A. Continue to manage the cause of Street Kids PM funding in accordance with the business plan and vision
B. Accountability to the pastoral staff at their home church: Trinity Fellowship Church, His Dwelling Christian Church and/or Fiscal Sponsor
C. Identify and solicit support from local corporate, foundations with hearts to assist ministries like Street Kids PM, church bodies and individuals here and abroad for strengthening/increasing financial support systems
6. Facilities and other assets
A. Goals for facilities: The children are currently living on the 5th floor of a commercial building in Cebu City. It is Street Kids PM deepest desire to locate and purchase a house and a plot of land in which they can grow a garden, plant fruit trees and expand as the needs of the orphanage develop
B. Maintain, upgrade, and renovate as needs grow and as God provides

X. Board of Directors and Advisory Boards
1. Role of board of directors: Accountability and Counsel
2. Current composition of board of directors to be developed
3. Fulfill legal obligations
4. Board policies and training: To be developed
5. Training up and building leaders in the local church to serve and come alongside Street Kids PM in their mission
6. They will continue to draw counsel from a multitude of counselors to Tim Shorey of Trinity Fellowship Church, Toms River, New Jersey and Tom Wilkens of Cross of Grace Church, El Paso, Texas and, Pastor Cornelio Ebo of His Dwelling Christian Church, Cebu City, Philippines and Tony Walsh and Lynn Baird as well as Dean Adamek of Mexico Multiple Missions, Rancho 3M orphanage and school their Fiscal Sponsor and their Board of Directors as one is developed.

XI. Personal Comments

There are thousands of children currently living on the street. This has been an ongoing problem in the Philippines for decades. Children are abandoned or forced to beg on the street and when the older kids can, they venture out to the street in hopes of a better future. But for many, this leads to a life dependent on the drug of the day, “glue.” Reportedly, glue is more readily affordable and obtainable than food. The effect of the hallucinate channels their attention away from the pain of hunger and loss of family. Many times, the siblings will follow as in the case of Jr., Christ and Gino.

The existing orphanage currently houses 5 children between the ages of 5 and 14. For the past three years these children have been living on the 5th floor of a commercial building and it is their desire as well as that of the Pastor Cornelio and His Dwelling Christian Church of Cebu City to provide a stable family-like environment for the kids. Pastor Cornelio has asked Mathew and Lee to run the orphanage there.

XI. The Call

Matthew and Lee both felt the call of God to missions early in their Christian walk over 25 years ago. Matthew specifically felt the call to serve in the Philippines. Ever since then, God has been laying the foundation, preparing their hearts and opening doors. Their desire to reach the lost with the undeniable truth of the gospel grew in intensity after their visit to Makati City in Manila in 2003 when their middle son married. When they wandered down a side street in search of the street market and great bargains, they could not help but stumble over the feet and even legs of squatters who camped on the outside walls of the Catholic church, or the little boy who stood behind you patiently at McDonald’s until you offered him a bit of money, or someone shooed him away. As they battled to discern who was truly in need and who was the simple beggar, God planted a seed of passion in their hearts they found they could not deny. In the span of time since then they sold their house, their business of more than 20 years and joined the Rancho 3M staff to work in the office at the orphanage and teach English. God in His marvelous grace continues to grow us in humility and wisdom.

When they first came to Rancho 3M they committed to two years but felt they would probably stay three. They came with the understanding that God had placed a call on Matthew to serve in the Philippines. And, for that reason the director of the orphanage, Dean Adamek has been preparing and training us just for that purpose: to run an orphanage in the Philippines.

Upon their arrival, in Guadalupe, they immediately joined the local Sovereign Grace church in El Paso, Vista New Life Church now known as Cross of Grace Church. The trip from Guadalupe, Mexico to El Paso is about an hour. As part of the body at Cross of Grace Church they became acquainted with Tony Walsh who is in charge of outreaches to the Philippines and provides solid Biblical training to those pastors and wives who desire a better understanding of the Gospel. They spoke with Tony during one of his visits and shared their desire to serve in the Philippines. Approximately two years after their first meeting Tony, he put us in touch with Pastor Cornelio Ebo and His Dwelling Christian Church in Cebu City, (the Visayan Islands where Lee’s grandfather was born and raised).

Working at Rancho 3M caused their desire to reach people with the gospel to grow to such extent they attended evangelism seminars, they read their bibles and books on evangelism. More importantly they prayed that God would use us and that He would touch the heart of the children here. They use times of discipline to point to the great mercies of God, to alert them of their state of depravity in terms they can understand, they’ve pleaded with them to cry out to God and they’ve prayed with them regularly. They have seen the lives of many children change as a result of the concerted efforts of the Rancho 3m staff. One only has to look into the eyes of a child whose life has been dramatically changed to see the marvelous hand of God.

After reading 1 and II Kings and feeling heartbreak after heartbreak to learn of one who would follow hard after God, but then his sons did evil in God’s sight. This scenario was repeated time after time. Though they would find one faithful before God who accomplished great things in His name, time and again his sons would turn out evil beyond imagination. So when they pondered how only in the time of one generation the zeal for God could be completely lost they were saddened, almost distressed. But all the more they sought and continue to seek for better understanding of the word of God and the Gospel and, to understand God’s people and how better to serve them because it is God’s will that all people would be reconciled to Himself.

Matthew and Lee share a burden: to see generation after generation living for the Glory of God and it is with this hope, this vision that they go to the Philippines. They desire to be instrumental in raising a generation of children who are obedient to faith in Christ Jesus, who in turn will bring up generation after generation of children who are faithful to God’s calling, who bring glory to God with all of their hearts with all that they do, as long as the Lord tarries.

I. Personal Budget and Projected Non-Personal Expenses (available upon request)

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